Assistant Professor, UC Riverside

SMBE Satellite Meeting on Eukaryotic -Omics: April 29 – May 2, 2013, UC Davis Conference Center

UPDATE: I’ve written a wrap-up blog post here that amalgamates presentation links and notes from the SMBE Satellite meeting. Thanks everyone for coming to UC Davis, the event was a great success!

Myself and my former PI (Kelley Thomas at the University of New Hampshire) recently received funding from The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution to hold an SMBE Satellite Meeting focused on Eukaryotic -Omics at UC Davis this spring. All interested researchers are encouraged to attend!

Meeting description: The SMBE Satellite Meeting on Eukaryotic -Omics will bring together an interdisciplinary pool of researchers to discuss current efforts, challenges, and future directions for high-throughput sequencing approaches focused on microbial eukaryotes (environmental studies of non-model organisms). The meeting program will encompass investigations of eukaryote biodiversity, ecology, and evolution, using approaches such as rRNA marker genes, shotgun metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, and computational biology tools and software pipelines. In addition, we are hosting a 2.5 day QIIME workshop directly following the main meeting, running Thursday afternoon May 2nd until Saturday May 4th.

Abstract submission is now open (Deadline February 22, 2013), and travel grants are available. Registration details available here on on the SMBE meeting website.

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