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Three new papers published in 2014

As we roll into spring 2014, I’m happy to announce the publication of three new manuscripts related to different projects I’ve been involved with:

Our manuscript for the PhyloSift pipeline was selected for the PeerJ Picks 2014 Collection. I’ve been working as a member of the software development team for this pipeline during my current postdoc position at UC Davis:

Darling A., Bik H.M., Jospin G., Lowe E., Eisen, J.A. (2014) PhyloSift: A pipeline for phylogenetic taxonomy assignments from environmental metagenome data, PeerJ, 2: e243.

A second manuscript has resulted from a project focused on using high-throughput sequencing as an environmental monitoring tool in marine sediments (carried out in collaboration with CSIRO Australia and US EPA):

Chariton A., Ho K., Proestou D., Bik H., Simpson S., Portis L., Cantwell M., Baguley J., Burgess R., Pelletier M., Perron M., & Gunsch C. (2014) A molecular-based approach for examining responses of microcosm-contained eukaryotes to contaminant-spiked estuarine sedimentsEnvironmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 33(2): 359-369.

Last but not least is a community response and commentary discussing the existence of species in meiofaunal taxa <1mm in size:

Morgan, M.J., Bass, D., Birky, C.W., Bik H., Blaxter, M., Crisp, M.D., Derycke, S., Fitch, D., Fontaneto, D., Hardy, C.M., King, A.J., Kiontke, K.C., Moens, T., Pawlowski, J.W., Porazinska, D., Tang, C.Q., Thomas, W.K., Yeates, D.K., Creer, S. (2014) A critique of Rossberg et al.: noise obscures the genetic signal of meiobiotal ecospecies in ecogenomic datasets. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 281: 20133076.

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