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Nematode Microbiome paper – in press at Molecular Ecology

Hot off the presses at Molecular Ecology – a new paper on nematode microbiomes! This study was led by collaborators Sofie Derycke and Tom Moens at Ghent University in Belgium, and shows some tantalizing first clues about resource partitioning and selective feeding within a cryptic species complex of free-living marine nematodes.

Derycke S, De Meester N, Rigaux A, Creer S, Bik H, Thomas WK, Moens T. (in press) Coexisting cryptic species of the Litoditis marina complex (Nematoda) show differential resource use and have distinct microbiomes with high intraspecific variability, Molecular Ecology, doi:10.1111/mec.13597

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