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Happy 2016! Some recent news…

2016 is now in full swing, and it’s been a busy few months. As of October 2015, I am now working as a project scientist in Jane Carlton’s lab at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at New York University. My role here focuses on “urban metagenomics” projects, analyzing shotgun data and environmental 18S rRNA amplicons for initiatives such as the “NYU Dirty Money Project”.

A number of manuscripts are currently rolling through the review pipeline, and the first of these papers (an intensive meta-analysis of public 16S rRNA datasets from the Built Environment) was released online as 2015 wound down:

Adams R#, Bateman AC#, Bik HM#, Meadow JF# (2015) Microbiota of the indoor environment: a meta-analysisMicrobiome, 3:49. doi: 10.1186/s40168-015-0108-3 (# all authors contributed equally)

Many other exciting developments are on the horizon, so watch this space!

Evolution of the Indoor Biome – new review paper in TREE

In June 2013, I had the pleasure of participating in “Evolution of the Indoor Biome”, a fantastic Catalysis Meeting at NESCent spearheaded by Craig McClain and Rob Dunn. One of the long-awaited outputs from that meeting was an eponymous review paper discussing this nascent field, our current knowledge, and future research needs. After a long andContinue Reading

New Paper – Metagenomics review in the Biological Bulletin

I’m happy to announce publication of a new invited review paper in the Biological Bulletin, one of three reviews included as part of a virtual symposium on “Discovering diversity with high-throughput approaches”. My review focuses on primarily on shotgun metagenomic approaches, discussing current methods/techniques, and providing some case study examples from the study of viruses and theContinue Reading

microBEnet: Lessons Learned from Building an Interdisciplinary Scientific Community in the Online Sphere

The Microbiology of the Built Environment Network ( – a project I’ve been involved with in the Eisen lab at UC Davis) has made it into the community page at PLoS Biology! Our article has been in the works for some time, and we’re now pleased to announce its official publication: Bik HM, Coil DA, Eisen JAContinue Reading